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General Interest Animal Sites    Explains the real meaning of 'free to a good home' and provides resources on how to find a responsible home for your cruelty database to research potential adopters.

General Australian Shepherd Info:

  • Aussie Info:    Interesting look at the Australian Shepherd as a breed with a purpose
    Grooming Your Aussie    All you want to know about grooming your Australian Shepherd

  • Tricorn Acres    Great site full of informative articles about behavior, training, and dog bite prevention. You will also find some very interesting links related to Australian Shepherds and canine genetics

  • Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute, Inc.:  This site is dedicated to the genetics education of Aussie fanciers. Whether you are a breeder, owner or admirer of the Australian Shepherd, this site is a must read. Find out about the genetic problems and also how you can recognize a responsible breeder when you decide to purchase a puppy. Visitors to the site will find  links so full of informative and educational links, that you will keep you coming back to the site constantly to keep up on all the health and genetic information. If you are an Aussie lover and want to learn more about all aspects of the breed, this site is for yo

The Barn Cat Lady:    This blog site puts barn cats in a whole new light and gives them 'worth.'


Cats International;   This is a great educational site devoted to cats.

CatInfo:   A site on cat diets and nutritional needs.


Understanding the dietary needs of the cat PDF LINK

L'il Beginnings :    All you want to know about Miniature Horses and lots of links

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy   

RO-NO Ranch    They offer a variety of equine services including, Equine Dentistry, Horse Sales, Horse Training, BHSAI Lessons, Exhibiting, Boarding and Breeding Paso Finos

Ohio Critter Sitters    An alternative to standard boarding kennels

NYS Animal Population Control Program:    A low cost spay neuter program for residents of NYS that meet the qualifications.

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Breeders, Kennels, Trainers


Leerburg Video & Kennel:    Wonderful site for anyone looking for training equipment or behavior articles. Also has it's one very interesting Leerburg Discussion Group.

Stone Meadow Kennel:    Breeder of Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds and Beagles. Also available: training and show handling

Virtual Breeding 2:    Anyone thinking of breeding a litter of dogs should visit this site first.

Nordic Myst Dog Training :    Agility training, introductory to competition classes, private lessons and run-throughs.

Animal Advice and Training :    Good collection of useful articles

Rescue Agencies


Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline   

Mini Aussie Rescue & Support   Miniature Australian Shepherd Rescue


Northeast Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline   


Animal Rescue Sites    National database of shelter & rescue groups

Best Friends Animal Society:    Ever see DogTown on NatGeo ?    Here's the sponsor.    Terrifc organization, sponsers of the "No More Homeless Pets" campaign.   Terrifc web site, loaded with lots of good information.

School House Rescue on Petfinder:    Rescue site for animals at Broome-Tioga BOCES

AKC Breed Rescue:    Links maintained by the American Kennel Club for various purebred rescue groups.

Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline   

Mini Aussie Rescue & Support   Miniature Australian Shepherd Rescue


Northeast Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline   


Cats with No Name:  It says 'cats with no name' but it is actually a very complete list of shelters and rescue groups in PA

Wildlife Rescue in Susquahanna County, PA

Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services:  Rescue organization in Eastern Ontario, Canada that does giant breed canine rescue and also equine rescue.

4-HMiniature Horse Rescue:  Informational and rescue site for Miniature Horses and other horses

Stolen Horse International
:    Dedicated to finding stolen horses throughout the United States


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Animal Health Sites


Canine Epilepsy Resource Center:    All you ever wanted to know about canine epilepsy

Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy:   Background information describing canine idiopathic epilepsy, from Margaret Muns, DVM.

Deaf Dog Education Action Fund:    Resource web site that provides everything you want or need to know about owning and training deaf dogs.

Deaf Dogs Support Group :    Discussion group dedicated to deaf dogs. Great support group for deaf dog owners.

Blind Dogs Website:    Resource web site that provides everything you want or need to know about owning and training blind dogs.

Blind Dogs Support Group:    Discussion group dedicate to blind dogs. Great support group for blind dog owners

"Lethal White" Suppoert Group:    Many irresponsible breeders identify Australian Shepherds with white on their body as rare and expensive. These dogs are the exact opposite of that...often being born with hereditary vision and hearing problems. Find out more about how to prevent lethal whites and also how to live with them here


Survival Preparedness Sites


Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team:    Pennsylvania Animal Response Team site with includes web site addresses for all the County Animal Response Teams. Check it out. Start a team in your state/county

Department of Homeland Security:    Emergency preparedness info from the Department of Homeland Security. Information that is valuable for any type of disaster. This isn't just preparedness for terrorism. 



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