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Our 2017 garlic crop is looking good. This is about one eighth of the crop. We love garlic and over the winter we did some research on how to preserve more garlic so it will last all winter long. We didn’t preserve it correctly this past winter and about a quarter of it dried out before we could use it. That won’t happen again. We LOVE garlic!!!

This was planted with cabbage.  They didn’t go well at all and never got a harvest.  We need to rethink cabbage for spring.  They had slugs and all were split.

I planted the kale, cabbage and green pepper a month before the predicted last frost and covered the planter with an old window every time the weather report said it was going to freeze over night.  Worked like a charm.

The entire water tank was filled with green peppers.  They grew like weeds...rabbit poop...and we had a good harvest that is now all sliced and frozen in the freezer

This was a new bed we put in this spring.  We tried to save money and fill it with manure from the barn and then throw a layer of top soil on it.  Didn’t work at all and we didn’t have much grow this year.  Next year should be really good.

Another water tank.  It had tomaotes and oregano in it.  The tomatoes did fine but I didn’t like the variety.  We used the oregano fresh all summer

 Two water tank planters.  The one in the bank is the tank full of green peppers.  The tank in the foreground has three tomato plants.  They didn’t do well at all and it looked like some sort of chemical contamination...but we didn’t use chemicals.  The plants did produce tomatoes but not worth eating.  We will see if the tank produces better next year

Eating what you have grown completes a cycle, from seed to table, that humans have been fulfilling for thousands of years.  In our busy and alienated existence we rarely have opportunities to meet our physical needs so directly.  ~Pam Peirce





And to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the heavens and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food.” And it was so.  Genesis 1:30

These four photos iare s the garlic beds.  We had lots of garlic planted....but about one fourth of the crop didn’t come up in the spring.  Even without that, we have LOTS of garlic for the winter.  The two kittens, Rodeo and Rose, thought the garlic bed was a wonderful place to play hide and seek

This bed is cucumbers.  They did great and I was that buried...with cucumbers.  We have to rethink that crop for next year.

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