"And all flesh shall see the salvation of God."  Luke 3:6

Leema came to us about seven years ago because her owners could no longer afford to care for her and her brother.  We placed her brother in a loving home but Leema’s temperament was questionable so we decided to keep her.  That questionable temperament has disappeared and what emerged over the years was a loving and devoted family member.  Leema is currently (12-1-2016) having some health issues that our veterinarians are having difficulty diagnosing.  She has had several tests and is facing several more just to determine what the problem is.  In the meantime, she continues to be a wonderful part of our family and we hope that this health issue can be resolved quickly. 


UPDATE 12/9/2016  Unfortunately the tests are back and Leema has pancreatic cancer.  There is no treatment so we will love her and pamper her until it is time to say goodbye for now.  We don’t know how long we will have with her but her doctors said weeks to several months.  Please say a prayer that we have her with us for several pain-free, happy months.


FINAL UPDATE 3-1-17  Lema lost her battle with cancer on February 25, 2017.  We are thankful that we had those two months with her and also that we knew when to make the decision to end her suffering.  On Wednesday she was still begging for treats and on Friday she told us we had to let her go.  We will miss her sweet face, her ability to open tin cans for a cat food treat, her happy face whenever someone came to visit and her gentle nature with all the creatures she lived with.  But, because we know that animals have a soul and a spirit, just as humans do, we know that there will be a time in the future when we will be reunited with Lema, and all the other fur babies that blessed our lives.  Enjoy your new home in Heaven Lema and we will see you in the future!

* * *

Miss Kitty, like Tinkle, has a litter box problem.  She does ok here because she can get outside but we were her last hope of a normal life.  She can be a bit mouthy when told she can’t do something but she has never been nasty to any of us.

UPDATE 3-20-17: We had to say goodbye to Miss Kitty today.  The health issues of old age finally took her from us.  She was fifteen

* * *

GINNY UPDATE 12/11/2016: One night three weeks ago, Frank took grain to her pasture and called her.  She didn’t come and we found her standing with a broken front leg.  We don’t know how she did it but there was no way to fix it.  We said goodbye to Ginny at twenty-seven years old.  She was beautiful, elegant, silly and kind.  Heaven is a better place with her running in emerald green fields with all her friends that went before her.