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"And all flesh shall see the salvation of God."  Luke 3:6

Leema came to us about seven years ago because her owners could no longer afford to care for her and her brother.  We placed her brother in a loving home but Leema’s temperament was questionable so we decided to keep her.  That questionable temperament has disappeared and what emerged over the years was a loving and devoted family member. 


Lema lost her battle with cancer on February 25, 2017.  We are thankful that we had those two months with her and also that we knew when to make the decision to end her suffering.  On Wednesday she was still begging for treats and on Friday she told us we had to let her go.  We will miss her sweet face, her ability to open tin cans for a cat food treat, her happy face whenever someone came to visit and her gentle nature with all the creatures she lived with.  But, because we know that animals have a soul and a spirit, just as humans do, we know that there will be a time in the future when we will be reunited with Leema, and all the other fur babies that blessed our lives.  Enjoy your new home in Heaven Lema and we will see you in the future!

* * *

Tootsie is another of the four that were abandon on the dirt road in the middle of winter.  It was bad enough that someone literally guaranteed their death as there was no food for them and no shelter where they were dumped....but poor Tootsie also is handicapped and only has three legs.  At this time you would never know she suffered any hardships.  She is fat and as athletic as her porky figure will allow.

We lost Tootsie in June 2017


* * *

Mary or as we affectionately call her “Tory the Torti”.  Mary arrived in the dead of winter with three other cats, William, Tootsie, and Beaner.  All were abandoned on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere in zero weather.  They had been out in the elements for many days as all were starved and poor little Beaner could not overcome his abandonment and died about a year after we found him.  A local dairy farmer actually found the four and brought them to Gemini Farm.

We lost Mary in October 2017

* * *

Sunshine is one of our senior citizens at about fifteen years old.  She loves to sleep in sunny windows...and eat.  Sunny lived at the kennel where I worked and when I retired I took her with me just to get her out of the cage.  She was getting very grumpy in her confinement and I didn’t blame her.  All those grumpy days are now gone and she is a real sweetie.

We lost Sunshine in March 2020

* * *

Cowboy’s story is interesting.  One of my co-workers (back when I was working about twelve years ago) called me to ask if I could take a stray cat.  I said yes and she brought him to me at work the next day.  I don’t know what I expected but I didn’t expect what she handed me.  The poor cat had been in a cat carrier for almost a week.  He was semi-feral so no one ever cleaned the carrier.  He had an upper respiratory infection and diarrhea.  To say he was a very sick and filthy kitty was an understatement.


On the ride home I was trying to figure out what to do.  If I got him out of the cage I couldn’t handle him to take him to the vet.  The solution...stop at the vet on my way home.  By the time I left the vet the cat had a new name .... “Cowboy”, named after the Dallas Cowboy jacket I had on.  He was also vaccinated, neutered, wormed, and put on antibiotics.  They even hosed out the carrier so the rest of the ride home (he was still sleeping from the neuter) was in a nice clean carrier with a warm blanket.


Cowboy gradually became a social butterfly and developed an interesting personality.  He is quite a talker and has an opinion on any topic.  He must be in the middle of you could say he is a nosey guy.  His personality is still there but unfortunately, he has had his share of illness.  About three years ago he had vertigo and has never fully recovered from that.  He also has a small tumor in his ear that is inoperable so he is off and on antibiotics depending on how irritating the tumor is.  Cowboy still enjoys life and with his cute personality and virago-related head tilt, he gets a lot of looks from visitors to the farm.

WE lost Cowboy in March 2018

* * *

Bully and his two sisters came to us from a private individual who found them abandoned in a park.  His sisters got adopted but no one wanted Bully.  Just to be clear....he really isn’t a bully.  He is a sweet cat that gets along with other cats, dogs, chickens, and all the other animals on the farm.

We lost Bully in November 2019

* * *

Miss Kitty, like Tinkle, has a litter box problem.  She does ok here because she can get outside but we were her last hope of a normal life.  She can be a bit mouthy when told she can’t do something but she has never been nasty to any of us.

We had to say goodbye to Miss Kitty on March 20, 2017.  The health issues of old age finally took her from us.  She was fifteen

* * *

GINNY  12/11/2016: One night three weeks ago, Frank took grain to her pasture and called her.  She didn’t come and we found her standing with a broken front leg.  We don’t know how she did it but there was no way to fix it.  We said goodbye to Ginny at twenty-seven years old.  She was beautiful, elegant, silly and kind.  Heaven is a better place with her running in emerald green fields with all her friends that went before her.

* * *

Mr. Grumpy is one of our celebrities at the farm and one of our biggest challenges.  He came to the farm about four years ago...a big obnoxious stray tomcat.  He lived to pick fights...and that earned him his Mr. Grumpy name.  Neutering took care of the grumpy part but Grumpy also had some serious dental issues.   After several rounds of antibiotics, it was determined that he had stomatitis  At that time we had all his teeth pulled and we were optimistic that he would get better.  He didn’t.  So more antibiotics and special meds.  Grumpy is still on the special meds and if they don’t help his next stop is Cornell University.


We would like to thank Jean Smith and Paws & Claws Society, Inc of Thorofare, NJ for their amazing support for Grumpy during this ongoing health ordeal.  We will never be able to adequately express how grateful we are for all you have done for Grumpy.

We Lost Grumpy in May 2018

* * *

Norma came to us as a kitten.  Someone asked me if I had any gray kittens as they wanted to adopt a gray kitten.  I didn’t have any but a friend who rescues horses had a litter of gray kittens and was thrilled to have one go to a good home.  Well, the adopter decided to adopt at another rescue (which was fine) and we ended up keeping Norma here.  She is about twelve years old and hangs out in the sun room most of the day.

WE lost Norma in July 2020

* * *

Brownie is one of our ‘true’ ferals and his brown eyes are the reason for his name.  He has no desire to be friends with any human.  As you can see, our ferals are allowed in the house through a cat door that is always open.  Some, like Brownie, choose to come in for the winter.  Others decide the barn is a better place to be.   He came to us from another rescue organization who did not have the correct environment for ferals.  Here at the farm we feel it is important to work with other rescue groups so the animals in our care end up at the best place possible for their individual needs.  We have often gotten an animal in that did not do well here and worked with other rescues to find that perfect place.  Cooperation among rescue groups is the best way to help the animals that are not adoptable.

We lost Brownie in December 2017

* * *

Milk and Oreo came to the farm together when their owner had to move and couldn’t keep them.  He has the personality of an explorer and that gets him in lots of trouble.  He has been locked in a closet several times, today he was locked in the shower accidentally and when he first came here we don’t know what he did but after being missing for two days he came home with a broken jaw.  The jaw was repaired but was so badly broken that he still has a little twist to the lower jaw.  It adds personality.

We lost Milk in December 2019

* * *

Fred is one of our oldest residents.  We think he is about thirteen.  Poor Fred lost his home when his owner ( and best friend) had a stroke and went into a nursing home.  No one wanted him even then because he was too old.  Personally I think senior citizen pets are wonderful but the adopting public wants puppies and kittens.  Fred’s goal in life is to sit in your lap and purr.  He would love his own lap instead of having to share with other cats.

We lost Fred in February 2017

* * *

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