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Other Animals

Gemini Farm is a rescue and sanctuary for any animal that is able to benefit from our facility.   If we are able to provide a quality environment and necessary veterinary care, we will consider any animal.  Let's meet some of the other animals that call Gemini Farm home.

Daisy the pot-bellied pig came to us because of a divorce.  She arrived with four cats and three donkeys.  Two of the cats, Oreo and Milk are still with us.  Two other found homes elsewhere.  The donkeys stayed here for a few months and then went to another rescue.  Daisy is now about eleven years old and is quite the character.  She loves table scraps, horse feed, garden trimmings and sweets.  Belly rubs and back rubs are two of her favorites activities.  She does have some arthritis but her nice cozy piggy cave, which is tucked into the hay now, keeps her warm and happy in all types of weather.


UPDATE 4/15/2017 -- Unfortunately, old age is catching up with Daisy.  Her doctor was here this week for a checkup and the findings were not good.  Daisy has severe arthritis so her pain meds have been increased.  Fortunately, we do see a positive difference in her activity level with this increase.  Unfortunately, we now know that our suspicion that she has cancer was confirmed.  Daisy has a grapefruit size tumor in her uterus.  At this time it is causing some minor symptoms but as it grows it will form a major blockage and we will have to make some very difficult decisions.  We discussed surgery as an option but her arthritis is so bad that we made the decision to make her comfortable until a time that we can no longer manage her pain or the complications of the tumor.


UPDATE 5/22/2017 --  We said goodbye to Daisy Pig today.  We knew this day was coming soon, as she had uterine cancer, but it is never easy.  Daisy always had an opinion, never met a bowl of food she didn’t like, loved belly rubs and scratches behind her big ears.  She hated the vet and made sure she expressed her negative opinion loudly and didn’t have much use for pick up trucks either if one happen to back up to the barn door.  She was a character, we loved her to pieces, and will miss her.    We will see you in heaven Daisy! 

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God. Luke 12:6

Banty Chickens are wonderful when it comes to ‘bug control’.  We do so appreciate their talents.  Deer ticks are a big problem in the country and these chickens make it their mission to gobble up as many as possible.


If there is one thing we do not want to do, it is to encourage the reproduction of more animals.  Unfortunately, the Banty hens that ran away from their home next door and move into to our barn, have other ideas.  The Banties find spots in the barn to hide their eggs and by the time we find them the eggs have already started to hatch.  Then it is a scramble to gather the babies and put them in a safe cage to grow.  When we do have an unexpected birth we provide a home for life.  We feel that we are responsible for any animal is born here.

Geese We started with three geese.  One goose went back to the rescue that she came from as the other two had paired off and wanted nothing to do with her.  That spring the pair laid eggs but they never hatched and we were happy to think they were sterile.  The next spring, we didn’t take the eggs away from the pair when we found them, thinking they wouldn’t hatch.  They hatched.  Our flock of geese now is up to eight and we spend all spring and early summer making sure we find the eggs before the pair have a chance to hatch them.  The geese love the pond in the summer and spend time wandering in the barnyard, the garden, and the lawns in the winter.  They are the king and queen of the barnyard.

"By ethical conduct toward all creatures, we enter into a spiritual relationship with the universe.  Albert Schweitzer, The Teaching of Reverence for Life

Human nature will find itself only when it fully realizes that to be human it has to cease to be beastly or brutal."  ~Mahatma Gandhi


George came to us from a bird rescue that was having some difficulties.  The plan was that we would foster him until the rescue was back up and running.  Sadly the rescue went out of business and George became a permanent resident of Gemini Farm.  He shares the living room with us, watches TV and demands that we share all meals with him.  George is a kind bird, would never think of biting and is a wonderful addition to our farm.  He normally is not all puffed up but the camera seemed to really bother him.  More pics to follow that will better show everyone what a great bird he is.

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