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Hay Day

Today was 'hay day'. Frank and I went to a horse farm about twenty miles from us to pick up hay. NICE HAY! Green, soft and made right. Goats and ponies will be in seventh heaven. If you are a farmer you know all hay is not created equal and this hay is wonderful. Some women dream of a new pair of shoes....I dream of top quality hay to feed our furry friends.

We are expecting some snow tonight and snow, sleet and rain early am. Looking like it will be a real travel nightmare and that makes it all the better than hay is in the barn!

The SAFER "Cats On The Border" Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program was a huge success during the past twelve months. I just wrote the 400th voucher! That equals hundreds of thousands of kittens that will NOT be born in feral colonies only to live out their lives on the edges of society. It means the caretakers who devote their time, emotions and money to caring for these cast-offs of society don't have to dread the spring kitten season in their colonies. No new mouths to feed!

Gemini Farm would like to thank Paws & Claws Society, Inc for their generosity, guidance and incredible dedication to helping the cats in the communities of Rome, PA and Nichols, NY. They are truly a blessing to thousands of animals and rescues that have benefited from them over the years. We will forever be grateful to them for trusting us and providing the funding to let us help local cats in ways that we could only dream of a year ago.

On a 'different' topic....we now have two house chickens. Yes, they have their own cage and no they are not loose. Both are chicks from this fall. One of them is the tiniest little chick I have ever seen and I am afraid that the cold temps predicted will be too much for that frail little body to handle. So in she (?) came, and of course she had to have a friend. Since they are in the house we cannot put them back outside till spring so it looks like the cat room has some new semi permanent residents.

Leema continues to accumulate fluid in her abdomen from her cancer. The good news is that other than the bloated abdomen she looks and acts completely normal. We hope that we still have months with her.

Time to go feed the wood stove, make a cup of tea and continue reading a book that a good friend gave me for Christmas.


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