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Today's thoughts

Seems like it was last week that I wrote here last. Oops.

Lots going on and I like it that way. It means we are getting things done and helping animals.

TNR is moving right along. The word is getting around and we are getting calls from many people who are desperate to help the cats in their care. To so many these cat caretakers are called the 'crazy cat ladies' and the 'hoarders' in the communities they live in. But in truth, many are just kind hearted people who cannot turn a needy animal away. They have the funds to feed a few extra mouths but can't get them fixed or vaccinated. That is where we come in with the PACS SAFER Cats On The Border Project. Since the program's beginnings in late 2015 we have helped well over 400 cats have a brighter future and helped the people who care for them also see the hope of a bright future come true. In another month we will be over 500 cats.

These unwanted cats, living together in colonies are the victims of a society that seems to think throwing a life away isn't much different that throwing a candy wrapper away. These throw aways suffer horribly and so many slowly starve to death or die of disease. The SAFER program, by helping caretakers, is putting a dent in that suffering.

On a slightly related note, we have added a new volunteer to our cat/animal rescue efforts. Welcome to the family Priscilla!! Sally, myself and Deb are looking forward to working with you and taking advantage of your unique skills to improve our efforts. Priscilla has jumped right in and is fostering a pregnant mom for us. Kittens will be available from DeeDee once all veterinary work is done and that happens at about 10 weeks old. Keep checking the adoptable kitten page for updates.

Speaking of adoptions, it looks like Bob and Larry are going to get adopted today to a great family with two small children. Bob and Larry are in a foster home with three preschoolers and are having a great time riding around in wagons and getting dressed up in doll clothing. Fingers crossed that the adoption happens.

Our first, and Paws & Claws, Inc's 28th, Cat Spay Day will be held on February 28th. We are so excited. Our target this year are the mobile home parks in Rome, PA and we are excited to say we have already been contacted by many wonderful residents to get information about this program.

On the farm front, Lema is still with us although she has had some set backs and we hope she bounces back. We continue to take her to the veterinarian weekly to have the fluid, caused by the cancer in her abdomen, drained. She is a good little trooper and accepts this treatment without a hassle. Unfortunately, we know it is only a matter of time before we must say goodbye to little Lema.

Daisy the pig is having issues. She seems to have pneumonia and has been treated but we are also concerned about a tumor in her abdomen. Daisy's vet is on speed dial she sees her so often.

We may have a home for three of our goats. We are very excited about this as they are very close by and eager to learn the proper care of goats. This isn't a spur of the moment adoption and we appreciate their willingness to 'do it right.'

Our fourth kitty transport is happening as I type. Three more kitties are going to our NJ rescue partner CATS in search of a new home. These kitties, along with the seventeen others that have gone are so lucky to go to a group that checks references, does home visits and demands the return of their cats if the adoption doesn't work out. Not to mention nothing is adopted out to the general public before all veterinary work, including spay/neuter is done. By sending some of our babies out of the area we help the local rescues have space for more kittens and cats that do not have the opportunity to be sent outside the area.


We continue to ask for gas cards to help our transports. Each trip costs about $125.

Our colony caretakers try hard to keep up with food needs and often sacrifice in other areas to help the cats they care for. We would LOVE to find people willing to sponsor a colony. Even if you can only afford one bag of cat food a month, that is a huge help to these kind hearted people. Our colonies come in all sized from two or three to forty. Let us know if you think a colony sponsorship might be something you are interested in. Gift cards to Agway, Tractor Supply or Ward and Van Scoy are perfect ways to help.

We are in need of trappers and transporters. Contact us if you would like more information. You will need your own car. Amount of time devoted to this job is up to you and hours are flexible. Yes, we will train you!!!

No surprise: We always need foster homes. Kitten season is just around the corner and the only way we can get kittens from the colonies adopted is to remove them from the colony and place in a foster home for socializing. Taking these kittens from the colonies is an important part of reducing the size of the colony...and of course the kittens then have a chance at a life in a loving home.

That's it for today. I suspect I will be back a lot sooner next time. Lots going on.

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